15 Facts About Your Gal


  • I live in a small Texas town. Although we may not have all of the perks of the big city, we make up for it in hospitality and killer breakfast burritos.
  • I married a sweet, sweet man named Patrick, (from my hometown) that I never knew until 2008. In a small town, this is unheard of. We have two beautiful children: Luke, three-years-old, Camila, 15 months old, and an Aussie named Murphy.
  • My family is very important to me. In fact, my parents and in-laws live on the same street as me—it’s very convenient.
  • I have adored fashion my whole life. Although I love to dress up, a t-shirt and boyfriend jeans are my first loves.
  • I worked for a handbag designer in Dallas, Texas.
  • I enjoyed showing animals and dairy and chicken judging in high school. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, like Napoleon Dynamite!
  • I once competed in pageants and was crowned Miss Vernon Area 2003.
  • I’m afraid of heights, but I love rollercoasters—go figure, ha!
  • Wet toilet paper freaks me out.
  • I will never resist three things: queso, a chick flick, and a trip to Nordstrom.
  • My style changes often. Sometimes I feel a little preppy, other times I feel a little boho…fashion is meant to be played with, right?
  • I’m a huge music lover—classic rock and country. Dave Matthews Band is my favorite.
  • My mom’s closet is my favorite place to shop.
  • I loathe laundry. I really, really do.
  • I’m a firm believer that lots of prayers and a little laughter can turn any day around.



8 thoughts on “15 Facts About Your Gal

  1. SO excited to witness your blogging journey!! Learning more about you was such a treat 🙂 I’m the same way with my personal style – some days I’m classic other days I’m boho….and a lot of days I stay in gym clothes to make it look like i worked out when I really just watched Netflix for hours haha.


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  2. Very excited for you !! I can’t wait to read your future entries ! You are so talented Victoria in every thing you do ! You did it girl!! Love you. Lori W.

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  3. I just moved away from a small town in Texas and I really miss it and the people! I am also very bipolar with fashion, which is sometimes hard because then not everything in your wardrobe matches. But I think it’s more fun to have multiple styles!

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    1. Hi Melissa! Yeah, I here ya. I have a little bit of everything in my closet, ha! It’s fun and overwhelming at the same time. Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a good one, doll! XO


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