Boho Love

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Boho Love 

Friday, June 3, 2016
Outfit Details
Dress: Stay Fierce Boutique • Shoes: Nine West • Jewelry: Vintage 

A warm breeze and a floral maxi can make any girl feel invincible. Personally, I have a strong love for the bohemian look. Always have, always will. Classic rock, crochet, and loose layers speak to my soul. 

Stay Fierce’s floral maxi is lightweight, has a lace-up neckline, and playful back detailing. Worn alone while it’s warm, or layered with a cardigan or denim jacket for fall, this dress is the perfect combination of playfulness and femininity. 

Interested in Stay Fierce Boutique? Shop and enter my code GALNEXTDOOR at checkout to recieve 15% off of your purchase. 

Happy shopping and have a fabulous weekend, y’all!



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