Self-love in the making

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June 21, 2016
Outfit Details 
Bathing Suit: Venus • Earrings: Rory Ashton  

Hey everyone! Today’s post is a little different. I’ve been craving to be more real—more open with you guys. Self-love is something that I’m becoming obsessed with. Why? Because I’ve never really “gotten” it. I crave more self-love.

In the past, I thought that I had found true happiness. But, you know what? I was wrong. I was putting my happiness into, wait for it, my weight. In college, I got down to size 0. I had a busy social life and a fun retail job—everything was perfect, so I thought.

After struggling with my weight for so long, I’ve realized that I need to let go. Really, really let go. I’m sick of being negative towards myself. I crave a positive, healthly mindset.

Which brings me to today’s post. This is me after two kids in a two-piece. I haven’t worn a two-piece in years. You can imagine my nerves as we took these pictures. I want to push myself outside of my comfort zone—I want to be straight up, 100% real. So, this is me being real.

Self-love is a beautiful thing. Have I mastered it? No. I may have scratched the surface, but I have a long way to go. I have discovered some fabulous tips on achieving self-love from a very talented woman named Ruby Fremon. If you’re working on this too, this tips will defiantly help you out! 

Forgive Yourself
Do you also speak down to yourself? Frustrated and annoyed with your fitness level? I fee ya. I’m still learning how to forgive and let go. Carrying around burdens, hold-ups, and insecurities will do nothing but disintegrate your confidence and self-worth.

Goodness All Around
Surround yourself with good things. Whether that’s in your pantry, the people you associate with, or the music you listen it must be a positive influence.

Take Care
I’m so guilty of these. I really am. I will push off working out because of, well, anything. I’ve become stuck. Now, I’m realizing how beneficial “me” time can be. Not only for me, but my family too.

Are you working towards more self-love? If you are, I’m pushing with you. Each day can bring improvements and breakthroughs–we just need to keep pushing. Letting go of the negativity will allow positivity to grow. Use #myrealbeauty to join me on this transformation.

For now, I’ll leave you with this powerful quote.

“Instead of being you toughest critic, be your own best friend.” Ruby Fremon

◉ ◉ ◉


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