Sunflowers and a Fresh Perspective

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July 18, 2o16

Hey there! I’m so excited to be seeing some new readers. Thank you!

For us, things have been a little different lately. As some of you may know, my daughter picked up a virus last week. We were hopeful that our boy wouldn’t get it but he did. Even though they are “sick”, they don’t have any symptoms–so strange, right? With that, we have not been able to get out much or play with friends. Let me tell you, this has made me a little crazy. I hate to admit it, but it’s been hard. Being stuck in the house with two active kiddos can be a little overwhelming. 

While we’re dealing with the bug, we’re going to have to make our own fun. Normally, we have school three days a week and play dates with friends. We’re constantly doing something on-the-go. But, being restricted has made things more challenging. It’s forced me out of my comfort zone–it’s making me break my “Mom Rut”.

So today, we did something different.

We walked around the neighborhood and explored–even saw a lizard! My son was very intrigued, my daughter was smiling, and I felt invigorated. Why? Because I felt like a Mom. Showing my two kiddos God’s great creation (even the normal, everyday stuff) felt different. We had a task, a goal–it was just a change of perspective. Now, I’m not saying everyday will be like this. We may not be able to carve out two hours to play outdoors, but I want to maintain this new perspective. My eyes felt open to the world around us–the world the way my kids see it. Exciting, new, and beautiful. Why can’t I always have this perspective?

There are many, many layers to motherhood. What I realized today is that sometimes I lose that zest of life. Like every other adult in America, there is life to worry about. The bills, relationships, daily tasks–it can weigh you down. Seeing the sheer enjoyment in my children’s faces during our nature walk was so refreshing. A breath of fresh air!

After today, I want to keep pushing myself to stop and, here it comes, smell the roses! 

Today, what’s your perspective on life?

❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎



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