A Natural Way to Teeth and Play


A Natural Way to Teeth and Play

Hi there, friends! It’s Wednesday—the weekend is almost here! What are your weekend plans? We are packing up and hitting the road. Stay tuned to see where we are headed.

For today’s post, I’m beyond excited to share a 3-in-1 teether from Winter’s Tribe. Owner Abbey Gibson, founded Winter’s Tribe on one main principle, “that the purity of your baby should be matched in the purity of the products they chew on and play with.” (A.G.) After having her little girl, Abbey struggled to find natural baby toys.

That’s when Winter’s Tribe came to fruition.

I can identify with Abbey in wanting the best for your kiddos. I too love natural products! Not only does she offer wooden teethers, she carries baby bibs and scarves in several different fabric options. Her products are safe, fun, and adorable!

The wooden teether lovey my daughter is playing with here is
multifunctional and perfect for little hands. The wooden bird detaches easily for play and the lovey material is soft and machine washable. Not to metion, when fussiness kicks in the lovey is perfect for soothing and snuggling.

Check out Winter’s Tribe here and enter toriparmer15 to receive 15% off of your order!

Do you have a favorite natural baby product?

Have a fabulous day!


❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎


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