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Hey, hey there fine people! I hope all is well in your world. Once again, Friday has graced us with it’s presence—yes! Here’s to a fabulous weekend!

Like I mentioned on Wednesday, mine and my husband’s anniversary is coming up. With our special day approaching, I’ve been reminiscing our marriage and what I’ve learned along the way. 

When I met my husband I thought he was the coolest guy ever. Seriously! He played the guitar, lived in Austin (which is the chill capital of Texas), and was extremely laid back. I thought, “Wow, this guy is different, I may need to hold onto him.” He seemed simple and laid back. I found that very attractive! After dating for two years, he dropped on one knee and asked me the most beautiful question. From the moment we said, “I do,” we have journeyed through life together. Looking back, I remember thinking that I knew him inside and out. Did I? Well, no, but I did know him very well. But now, I have grown to know that man I married in a much deeper way. The neatest part is that we will never stop growing together.

Is he still that laid back, cool guy? Um, yes! He has the same charm about him. In fact, every time he calls me I still get the butterflies. One of major things I’ve learned is how he likes to be loved. He’s not a man of many words, unless they’re needed, so it’s been refreshing to figure out what makes his heart smile. 

While writing this I couldn’t help but highlight a few key elements that I have learned throughout our marriage. When things get a little rocky, we grow from it. When things are great, we smile and relish in the happiness. There’s an undeniable ebb and flow to our marriage. I think it’s safe to say, that this holds true with most marriages.

The purpose of this post is to share what I’ve learned throughout our (almost) 6 years together. Am I an expert? Absolutely not, but I feel that I’ve grown as a person and a wife. I simply want to share that growth with you.

Don’t Forget To Laugh
While I’m a bubbly person, I’m pretty subdued. My hubby makes me laugh all of the time. Laughter helps maintain a more positive, uplifting feeling within our marriage. Actually, within our home. My kiddos are constantly laughing because, “Daddy’s silly!”

Listen, Listen, Listen
Who else has to have the last word? If you’re having a discussion with your spouse, do you find yourself armed and ready? Like on defense mode–I do and I don’t even mean to do it!  Yikes! This is something I hadn’t realized until the later years in our marriage. I unintentionally go into protection mode and try to talk my way out of any situation. While explaining yourself is very healthy, I’ve learned that deflecting and not fully listening to your partner can be harmful. That’s not the way that we have a healthy, constructive conversation. I’ve learned that my husband wants to feel heard—100%. Now, I try to listen more carefully and with intention.

Forget Them Not
We have two precious kids. They are our world! You hear about marriages becoming stale after kids. Well, I can see why. Making time for each other can sometimes seem overwhelming and exhausting. Life is busy and messy. We all have checklists full of tasks that need to be done everyday. But, at the end of the day don’t forget who you are doing life with. 

I’ve really been working on making sure he can feel my love each and everyday. Even if it’s something small, I want him to know I took time to make him feel special. Not because it’s on my checklist, but becasue his happiness means  everything to me.

There are several easy ways to make your spouse feel appreciated and loved.

Flip the script on dinner time. If your spouse normally cooks, grab a few things at the store and whip up meal. They’ll love it, I promise.

Clean up a little. Give your home, yard, or their vehicle a little attention. Every one likes a tidy space.

Surprise them with a date night. I mean, c’mon how fabulous is that?

Bring them a cup of coffee in the morning.

A sweet kiss on the cheek unexpectedly or a little slap on the tush. Hey, it’s your spouse, you can do that!

A simple, “Thanks for all you do!” can go a long way.

If your schedule permits, take them a little somewhat up to their workplace.

Rub their feet. Everyone loves a nice foot rub!

Have a date night at home! Pop some popcorn and watch a new movie. Cook a meal together. We love to make pizza! Turn on some relaxing music and watch the sunset.

And the best, most powerful thing you can do for them is to PRAY. Pray for them all day, everyday.


Marriage is hard and rewarding. I’m still working on being the best wife that I can be. While we don’t have the perfect marriage, I know that our love is strong and runs deep. May we keep striving to be the best we can be for each other!

Do you have any great marriage/relationship advice? Please share and have a lovely weekend! 

❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎



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