1 Top / 2 looks with Celizzione

Hey, hey! How is everyone?! Happy Wednesday — Friday is almost here. What are you’re weekend plans? We’re planning a quick family road trip 🙂 Can’t wait!

Today, I have a super fun post with Celizzione. They are one of the cutest online boutiques out there, y’all! Not to mention, their prices are wallet-firendly! I’m styled a lovely black top 2 ways – one daytime look and one evening look. The versatility of this top can’t be beat! Not only is it perfect for layering, but the lace detailing feels chic and unique. 

For my causal look I added a black hat, camo printed jeans, and fringe booties.                            Perfect for lunch with the girls! 


Also, in love with these sweet fresh water pearl studs from Cezillione!


For a dressier look, I added a bold lip (LipSense of course), flared denim, metallic pumps, and gold clutch. I would totally wear this out on a date. Wouldn’t you?


Check out Celizzione to read their Blogger Spotlight. Your’s truly is being featured!                 I’m very thankful for the opportunity! 

What’s your favorite day to night item hanging in your closet? 

Take care and have a fabulous day!

❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎



Let Them Make a Mess


Happy Saturday, y’all! This was a another busy week, and I didn’t get my post up yesterday. But, I did a little event introducing my mini-boutique — it was so fun! Thanks again to everyone that came out!

I wanted to talk about something I have encountered as a mom. What I want to talk about isn’t revolutionary. It’s not going to make in the pages of Parenting Magazine or mentioned on the Today Show.

I just want to talk about kids making a mess.

Why? It’s just part of having kids, right? We all deal with cleaning the house, laundry, and, picking up toys. I know sometimes I have bribed (yes, bribed. You have too, right?) my son to clean the playroom. I’ve said something like, “If you clean up the playroom, we can go outside.” Or, “If the playroom is cleaned up, we can have a friend over.”

As much as we have to clean, it’s easy to resent this daily chore. Anybody feel like this? Trying to maintain a house, especially when the kids aren’t cooperating (or following chore rules) can create a lot of frustrating. 

That’s why this play session was a lot different.

The other day I was wanting to snap a pic of my kiddos playing. In order for me to do this in my house, I have to move my kitchen table. I know, crazy! It’s the only way I can get natural light with a white background, ha! But, I wasn’t planning on my little picture turning into something that inspired me.

While the kiddos were in the kitchen, I ran into the playroom and grabbed a puzzle and a bag pom poms. My daughter is obsessed with pom poms! 

After making back into the kitchen and giving them their goods, playtime quickly began. At first, there were only a few pom poms puzzle pieces on the floor, but that soon changed. They ended up All. Over. The. Floor. As the mess ensued, I could feel my anxiety rise, but I also noticed something else. My daughter was so clam and happy. She teetered around picking up and dumping pom poms. My son, played with his puzzle and then (queitly) joined in with his sister. What did I do? I watched. I played on my stomach and admired their sweetness. I snapped a many pics as I could. I wasn’t going to miss this little moment. This memory will stick me. A simple memory of I time that I put my Mom duties on pause and let them just play.

I put aside all of the chores, to-do’s, and rules. I just watched them play.

 I don’t have a spick and span hosue, but I like to keep things picked up. I’m also not super super hard on my kiddos. But, I do quick a little worked up when my house gets messy. Why? My anxiety! I can control what chores get done. I can control the mess. Yeah, I’ll stop there. Another day, another post, ha!

Next time the kids want to make a mess, let them. It can always be picked up. I’m glad I let them make a mess in my kitchen. I second guessed myself, but I’m happy I flipped my “mom” switch off and just watched them play. It was exhilarating and motivating. Kinda like, “You got this girl!”

Oh, if I could bottle that moment!

Do you recall a favorite Mom moment? Please share below!                                                      I would love to hear you story.

Have a fab weekend, y’all! Hugs to all of you mommas out there! 

 ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎


Blogging 101 / What I’ve learned in 5 months of blogging


Hey there, readers! I hope you had a relaxing and energizing weekend. Although Texas is warming up (again, blah!) Halloween and fun fall activities are around the corner. Can’t wait!

Today marks my 5 month anniversary blogging. I know, it hasn’t been a long time, but I feel like I have learned quite a bit in this short time. I’ve been wanting to share what I have learned so far in hopes of helping out a new blogger.

So, for today, I wanted to share the top 5 things that I have learned in my first 5 months. Oh, and it only seemed completely normal to title each section with a hashtag. Ha!


One of the first things I learned — those good ‘ol hashtags. When I first dove into IG was puzzled why people used them, their meaning, and how I would use them. Hashtags are sort of are the vehicle for your posts. For instances, you posts a super great picture (and your close friends love it too) and nothing happens. It sits there. The virtual crickets start and your frustration goes through the roof. Well, that’s where the hashtags come into play. When you add hashtags to your photos, this helps place your photo in front of the right people.

How do you find the right hashtags? When in IG, hit the magnifying class icon. This will bring up a page that has a toolbar at the top. Directly underneath that is a section that mention “Tags”. Tap on “Tags” and then enter a topic that you talk about, blog about, or are passionate about.

For me, I search for tags related to motherhood and style. If I put “Mom Style” into the toolbar, I’m giving the results of #momstyle and #momstylelife as the top two hashtags. These would be great choices. You will also noticed that there is a number underneath the hashtags. To state the obvious, the higher the number the more popular. I do not recommend using hashtags that only have a coupe hundred posts, unless is fits your account perfectly.

Another great way to search for hashtags, is to look at fellow bloggers that have the same style and/or message. I guarantee they will use hashtags that will benefit your profile! Check out their latest post and hashtags. This can open a new world of hashtags that will put your hard work in front of the right people.


Let’s be honest, when you hope on IG, Facebook, or Twitter, there are perfect people. They have the perfect family, skin, jean size, etc. For me, sometimes this can really get to me. No, I’m no envious, but a feeling of inadequacy would sometimes creeps up. I think the root of the problem for me is that I’m putting myself out there for the whole world to see and sometimes I don’t get the response I hope for. In turn, this causes frustration to build up and I think, “Well, maybe if I was cuter I would get more likes,” or “Geez, I guess I need to posts new outfits everyday.” Is this true? NO. Absolutely not! That is the enemy lying to you. Please, don’t believe it. Yes, there are going to be perfect people out there, but no one else is you.

You are original. You have something special to share. You are enough.

And do you want to know what causes people to be successfully in blogging? They #staytrue to who they are, their messages, and don’t waver because of others.

You may have never had this problem. If not, a round of applause to you, my friend. Really! For me, my struggle comes and goes, but I’m making progress. Through out my months blogging, I have talked a lot about self love. I’m still on that journey, which includes me be comfortable sharing myself and standing by it. Progress, everyone. Progress.


Alright, if you are new to the blogging world, I’m sharing my top two apps with you. I started using these months ago, and I feel like they helped me step up my game a bit.

First, VSCO. Have you ever seen the hashtag #vsco, #vscoeveryday, or #vscomom? If you are like me, I kept seeing these hashtags and wondering what that meant. Finally, I figured it out. VSCO is a free (yes, free!) app that not only edits your pictures, but will hold your IG feed. So, when you’re trying to set a theme for your Instagram, this is a very, very valuable tool. I can’t tell you how many times I have uploaded pictures to VSCO, looked at them on my feed (on that app), and thought, “Um, no, that fit in.” So, I delete it from the VSCO feed and try again. If you’re newer to blogging and IG, you have to get VSCO.

Next, Snapseed. Editing perfection! It took me some time, but I finally got the hang of editing. If you’re just starting out, don’t get frustrated. You will get it! Snapseed has every editing option and is easy to use. My favorite part? There is a brush tool that can enhances or decreases brightness, exposure, saturation, temperature, and can remove a random weed or flyway. Yes, they happen, ha!

Also, if you have an iPhone, Afterlight is said to be a great app. I just switched back to an iPhone, and plan on trying this app out too.


Oh, the struggle. It’s real, and it’s not my friend. There is never enough time. Not just for blogging, but for life. I know everyone feels like this, so you can relate. But, back to blogging, I feel that someday I’m on my a-game, others I am not. My sweet photographer recently reminded of how powerful making lists are. Thank you, Serena! It is true. Writing things down and then checking them of your list is invigorating.

Besides making lists, I recommend planning your content. For a couple weeks ahead, write down what days you want to blog and what you’re going to blog about. Also, even planning your IG posts can beneficial. For me, I use a giant desk calendar, and write everything down with various colors. The different colors stand for different things. And yes, I just like the way it looks, ha!


New to blogging? Want traffic? Dig into Pinterest. I recommend Board Booster or Tailwind. For me, I use Board Booster. You pick your most used (and related to your blog) boards and secretly pin to them. Then, Board Booster automate pins for you, so you don’t have to manually do it. Let me put it this way — the more pins you pin, you will attract more traffic to your Pinterest account and blog. So wonderful! 

I’m still digging into these, but I’m excited to see what results they bring. I’m still learning everyday! Who uses the programs? Everyone. No really,everyone. The big wigs you see on Pinterest and Instagram that have thousands of followers use either Board Booster or Tailwind for their Pinterest. I guarantee it.

Pinterest is a search engine, can help you generate traffic, help you make affiliate income. Basically, you want your material on people’s boards.

In the future, I plan to do a blog post catered to Pinterest. But, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me. I’m not a wiz at it, but I have learned several tips along the way.

Currently, I’m taking Pinterest to Profits from Mckinzie Bean and it’s fabulous. Y’all, check her out. She’s a Pinterest genius! 

Interested in trying out the course too? Wanting to dive deeper into Pinterest and gain even more knowledge? Pinterest to Profits is where it’s at!

I’ve enjoyed her in-depth perspective with easy how-to videos. She really takes the confusion out of things! Also, compared to other courses, Pinterest to Profits is moderately priced. A bang of your buck, for sure! Click below to sign up now.  

Pinterest to Profits

Like I’ve said, I’m still a newbie. I get frustrated and overwhelmed everyday. But, I love this blog, and I want it to work. I strive to reach people, create community, and have some fun experiences along the way.

Feel the same? Email me! Let’s connect! Blogging is all about community. I have met some amazing ladies along the way and their support has meant the world.

Now, get to bloggin’, y’all! You got this!



Why You Need to Shop at BP


Hey, hey! How are things? I’m currently in catch up mode from being away for several days. I had such an amazing time celebrating one of my sweet friend’s engagement. A girl’s trip doesn’t happen very often, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Again, huge thanks to my hubby, mom, and mother in law for helping with the kids.

For today, I wanted to share one of my favorite places to shop. In fact, while on the trip, the girls and I frequently talked about BP and all of the great pieces they have. Not to mention, killer prices! So, I thought why not round up some of my favorite fall staple items to share with you guys.

First up, let’s talk about fall dresses. You may live somewhere that is cooler already, but here in Texas it’s not quite that cool yet. I’m loving the transitional dresses at BP right now. In fact, I just picked up the off-the-shoulder dress included in this collage. It’s super soft, versatile, and in the perfect shade of green.

Blush Dress                                       Green Dress 

Fall calls for versatile pants and jeans. I don’t know about you, but I’m hooked on dark denim. The dark denim jeans in this collage are only $29! Yes, please! 

Faux Leather Leggings        Denim Skinnies        Olive Leggings 

Sweaters, cardigans, and long sleeve tees are essentials when the weather dips. This oxblood cardigan is on-trend and can add a little kick to any look. 

Oxblood Cardigan           Long Sleeve Top         Knit Sweater 

Ok, I’ll let you in on a little secret. I’ve been scoring killer shade from BP for quite some time. And guess what? They’re $12! A trendy pair of shades can totally elevate your look without killing your budget. 

Blue Tint Shades                            Brown Shades

Layering a look can be easy and affordable. And of course, layers for fall!  BP is the place to pick up a few items to carry you through the season. 

Olive Green Jacket     Black Hat     Leopard Scarf     Tasseled Bag      Booties    Belt 

Click any link above to shop directly! What is your favorite spot to shop for fall? 




The Shoe Closet // 9-5 Done Right


Hi y’all! I hope you had a long and refreshing weekend. Anybody else keep thinking it’s Monday? I totally do, ha! I’m also celebrating. Why? I’ve been asked to blog about one of my favorite boutiques, The Shoe Closet. In both September and October, I will blogging several different looks that you can snag at the Shoe Closet. My photographer, Serena is one of my dearest friends and is very talented! Check out her IG here.

Located in Wichita Falls, Tx, The Shoe Closet has been the heartbeat of fashion in Texoma since 1984. With personalized styling and a warm atmosphere, the Shoe Closet is the go-to place for all things trending. They carry brands like Alice + Olivia, Tory Burch, and the upcoming accessory line Rory Ashton. Personally, I’ve been shopping at the Shoe Closet since high school. I have always appreciated their on-point advice and diverse merchandise.

You simply can’t make a trip to the Shoe Closet without finding something special!

For my first post, a fun, yet classic cropped pants and blazer combo. Here I’m wearing Trina Turk, Sam Eldelman pumps, and carrying a Tory Burch bag. Can we talk about how wonderful this bag is? There’s plenty of room for an iPad, planner, and your personal essentials. The Shoe Closet has the freshest pieces to update your work wardrobe. Want to know the best part? This look can easily take you to happy hour or dinner with friends after work. Simply grab a clutch and swipe on a bold lip to amp up this ensemble.

Stay tuned for more looks from the Shoe Closet. There also may be a few promotions along the way. You don’t want to miss it! Check out their website and IG account!

Have a lovely day, y’all!



Just Say “No” to Mom Guilt

#thegalnextdoor 1 (1)

Hi y’all! Yay, the weekend is almost here. I’m ready for to chill time with the fam. This week was exciting and fun, but this momma is tired. 

I hope you have a fun holiday weekend ahead!

As I mentioned yesterday on IG, today I’m talking about one of the complexities of motherhood.

For me, I have always had huge dreams. Through out college and after graduating, I have tried several different ventures. While some weren’t as successful as others, I grew from them. Fast forward to today, I’m still a big dreamer and I always will be. 

 It’s taken quite some time for me to understand how to balance being a mom and wanting to achieve my goals. I by no means have it all figured out, but I’m becoming very comfortable with the idea that I can keep striving for my goals and be a great mom. The kiddos are my life, they’re my everything, but I still have dreams. I want my kids to know that no matter how many times they may fail, they should never give up. I want them to learn from their mistakes and keep pushing.

While I understand that I can strive for my goals, I still feel mom guilt.

How well are the kids eating? Is the house clean? Did I return all of those emails? Who’s birthday is it again? Oh, and I still need to lose 10 pounds. Agh! Moms, is this a similar stream of thought for you? The never-ending list of to-do’s can be overwhelming and agitating. Many, many times I have felt the guiltly for not completing everything on my list. What’s the point of beating myself up when I’m trying to be the best mom I can be? I still don’t know the answer to that. I think it’s very common in most moms, and that’s what compelled me to write this post.

While I still struggle with guilt, I know that I can only take one day at a time. I may not have completed all of my tasks, but that’s doesn’t make me a bad mom.

That’s where grace comes into play.

Grace. Can we talk about wonderful grace is? God’s unending grace is a special gift that I’ve grown to appreciate more and more everyday. But grace doesn’t have to come from only God. Give yourself some grace, momma. Cut yourself some slack. When things get super overwhelming and you feel like you’re failing, stop.

Take a deep breath.

 Find a quiet place and stop, even if it’s the bathroom. Moms, you totally get me, right? Dial back the pressure to be perfect. Don’t compare yourself to other moms. No one is perfect, and no one has it all together. You don’t have to be perfect to be a good mom. 

Say a prayer.

When the guilt is becoming unbearable, say a little prayer and give yourself grace. Pray for the grace to do what’s most important, and God will pave the way for everything else.

So, to all you moms out there, keep going. You can achieve your goals and still be a mom. With God’s grace, you can do it all. 

Celebrate the Super Mom that you are! 

What’s the best mom advice you’ve ever received?



Fringe and Flares

Can’t resist that golden light!


Hey, hey! I hope y’all are doing well!! 

Today’s post is a little lighter than the last Fridays. Although, I had a lot of sweet comments (both in the digital world and in real life, ha!). I’m glad that you guys enjoyed it.  Did you check it out? Click here to read it. Please let me know if there is anything you would love to see on the blog. Is there a new beauty product I should test? Or a new recipe you’re wanting to try but don’t have time? Let me know 🙂

A few weeks back I traveled to Graham, Texas and shopped at a sweet little boutique called Grass Stains. This fringe top is one of my purchases. See their fun IG account here

I love it! The fabric is super soft and I adore the cross back detailing. Paired with flares and simple jewelry, this top speaks for itself. I will take this ensemble into fall by adding a leather jacket, skinnies, and booties. Now, I will sit and wait on the Texas weather to cool off—c’mon and hurry, please.